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Should I choose Motion Control or Full Flotation Waterbed Mattresses?

Water mattresses have evolved as construction and technology has improved. While many people remember the rolling wave motion of their first free flow waterbed, motion control types have become more popular for support and comfort.
Full flotation water mattresses are the least expensive, since the vinyl exterior is filled entirely with water. No additional material is used and so the quality and seam construction will dictate the durability. For this reason, there are lesser and better grades of full motion beds.

Motion control water mattresses have been available for over
30 years. Made to fit either softsided or hardside models, the early “baffle” technology has been replaced with fiber control.
Fiber layers are constructed in varying thicknesses to float inside the water. The fiber pad acts like a sponge to absorb the wave motion and give loft to the body. Thicker fiber, with more layers, produce a firmer result. Therefore, a semi-waveless bed requires less fiber, produces more movement, and costs less than an Ultra-waveless model.

Choosing the mattress that is perfect for you depends on your fondness for wave motion. While some people have progressed to a firmer mattress over time, others prefer to keep the full flotation feel forever.
Regardless of your choice, all beds are equipped with a thermostat controlled heater to allow you to select the temperature that induces the most comfortable sleep experience.

Maintenance for any water mattress is easy. Conditioner treatment should be added to reduce the bacteria that is present in water from multiplying over the years. Liquid conditioner is poured into the fill valve once a year using the 8 oz treatment.
Vinyl cleaner will help remove any dust particles that accumulate on the outside surface. Detergent based products will dry the vinyl, causing the mattress to become brittle and are not recommended.