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Looking For Information on How to Find and Fix A Waterbed Leak?

Very rarely will this problem arise, due to the strength and durability of the vinyl mattress. However, there are steps you can take to simplify the repair.

    • Don’t drain. Finding the location of the rupture is impossible without water inside.
    • Find the leak. Dry the area surrounding with towels or a wet vac. Lay down newspaper between liner and mattress, starting where most moisture has appeared. Press on bed to see if spot is detected. Small nicks will only release moisture if pressure is applied.
    • Concentrate on corners. If a seam construction has failed a patch will not hold well. Warranty may cover purchasing a new mattress.
    • A ‘pinhole’ leak, not on a seam, is easy to repair with an inexpensive patch kit. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the vinyl patch material cut to size (1-2” round) Hold
    • patch to dry mattress area for 2-3 min. Bonds like super glue. Wait 5-6 hours to dry completely.