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Hardside vs Softside Waterbeds

Originally, waterbeds on the market were of the HARDSIDE

design. Consisting of a basic wooden frame and often a bookcase style headboard, these models have many options.

      • Drawer pedestals for storage and height
      • Padded side rails in colors of vinyl and velvet provide cushion for comfort and style
      • Mattress firmness—from ‘free flotation’ with an all water feel to an ‘ultra waveless’ firm motion control, to many in between. Flotation mattresses appeal to your own idea of relaxation and comfort
      • Heaters—whether solid state, digital, or basic B&C, temperature control provides the ability to set your ideal sleeping environment
      • Liners surround the mattress to protect the sides and surface. Zipper containment styles are now available for all beds.
      • Available in California King, Queen, and Super Single sizes—dimensions are longer than conventional beds Cal King 72×84 Queen 60×84 SSingle 48×84 (inside


SOFTSIDE Waterbeds have become more popular in recent years

for many reasons

      • Equivalent to conventional mattress size, any bedroom furniture can easily adapt
      • Easy to install
      • Efficient temperature control
      • Cover designed to protect and insulate as well as provide excellent support and comfort
      • High density foam sides make side seating comfortable
      • Less water = less weight
      • Also available with choice of firmness/motion control