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Here is  how to drain your waterbed!


While all you may need are the original adapters that you have used to fill the bed, the backwash system is also possible for you to try.

Attach the adapter to your faucet, and your hose, and then to your mattress as you would to fill. Once all is connected, run water into the bed, creating a continuous stream of water in the hose. Return to the faucet, kink the hose, shut the water, then disconnect it from the faucet and bring that end to the bathtub, or wherever you had planned to drain it into. Do not allow air into the hose to interrupt the flow. Putting something heavy on the bed will keep pressure on the mattress, helping to expel through the hose. Gravity will help if the hose extends off the bed, and down to the eventual drain site.


We also rent waterbed drain pumps

We rent transfer pumps for customers that need to drain a bed quickly and most efficiently! Please call for availability and rental procedures