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Articles About Waters Beds:

 How to Choose a Hardside Waterbed vs a Softside Waterbed


Should I choose Motion Control or Full Flotation Waterbed Mattresses?




How heavy are waterbeds?

The total weight of a woodframe (hardside) water bed is displaced over the area of it’s size. For example, a California king is 94” x 75”, and while the total weight is approximately 1650 lbs., only 39 lbs. per square foot are exerted on the pedestal base. A refrigerator actually weighs more per square foot than a waterbed frame of any size.

A softside waterbed weighs proportionally less, at about half of the larger hardside model. The mattress is smaller in length, width, and depth and the foam frame is substituted for the wood counterpart.

A heavy duty frame with additional leg support is all that is needed to convert to a conventional bed.

At what temperature should a waterbed heater be set?

While some people prefer to sleep warmer, most find setting their thermostat to 80*- 85*(med-low) will provide comfort without excessive heat throughout the seasons. Insulating the bed with mattress pads, sheets, blankets, and comforters will help to lock in the warmth during the day, too. Your thermostat will monitor your heater to efficiently keep the bed at your desired temperature.

How long do heaters last?

Waterbed heaters are very reliable, but unfortunately don’t last forever. Most thermostats are capable of functioning properly for 4-5

years, and their warranties reflect the manufacturer’s faith in that time frame. When the pad or thermostat starts to malfunction it will draw more electricity than usual, or may just stop working entirely.

While many units will far exceed 5 years of reliable use, replacing a heater is prudent if you notice dramatic changes in warmth or electricity consumption.

What mattress is best for a bad back?

Every “body” is different! While everyone benefits from sleeping well, we all differ in the surfaces we find most comfortable. We sleep in different positions, on different pillows, at different times of day/night, and with so many choices of innerspring, foam, air, water, gel, etc. etc. – it is a daunting task to find the perfect surface. We recommend trying as many different types as possible without hurrying through the process. Spend a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes on each bed while shopping. Your body needs time to relax and get a true feel of a new surface. Quality and good support will become very evident as you compare models. Back aches will lessen considerably when you take the extra time to choose wisely.