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Sterling 8500 Euro Top Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Sterling 8500 Euro Top Waveless Waterbed Mattress

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This kit comes with 1 waterbed heater standard. If you select a Dual System, a 2nd heater is added automatically.

There are enough compromises in life…
The Sterling 8500 softside waterbed is a dual flotation system; Heated, Waveless and features reduced pressure points for a better night’s sleep.
Flotation beds conform better to the widest range of body sizes and types compared to other mattresses because support is adjusted by changing the water fill level
Hydraulic Support does not change with use or over time so comfort levels remain constant for the life of the bed
Flotation beds are so good at reducing pressure points and improving circulation that for the last 30 years, Doctors have successfully used them as part of the treatment for burn patients and for the long term bed ridden who are prone to problems with decubitus ulcers
Sleep studies show that reducing pressure points or “capillary occlusion” reduces our need to toss and turn & provides us with a more restful nights sleep.

The Sterling 8500 Flotation system offers:


  • Separately Adjustable firmness for each sleeper
  • Separately Adjustable support for each sleeper
  • Separately Adjustable Solid state temperature controls for each sleeper
  • Three times the comfortable product life
  • Replace only the soiled or worn parts instead of the complete bed

Improved mattress hygiene:

  • All Sterling mattresses come apart for proper cleaning.
  • All parts are interchangeable and available separately to renew or adjust mattress firmness or support in the future
  • Environmentally friendly because Sterling modular mattresses are sustainable
  • Save money, Renew, Reuse, Reduce solid waste.
Only the Super Waveless 8500 Dual Choice Euro-Top offers uncompromising comfort with individually adjustable support, Separate Heat controls and a choice of Soft Memory foam & Firm Latex foam overlays for both partners.


8″ Fill Depth
Choice of ER600 Single or Dual Mattress
Removable Zippered Cover
Individual Choice of Overlays:
Plush Memory Foam
Firm Euro Latex
Individually Adjust Firmness & Temperature
Vinyl colors may vary, does not change the wave control system
Sterling Memory Foam is temperature and weight sensitive for true shape conforming comfort